Dear Visitor,

What really makes us individuals at our core is what we believe and how we act in life. So I'm going to tell you what I believe in and how that affects what I do every day.

I, myself, and maybe even you, tend to view Reality as a Good Thing. A Very Good Thing... a playground for us souls to frolic in... to play in... to build inside of and with... to make real our dreams. To come true.

Sure, some other people choose to experience misery or even terror in their own personal reality. What Reality is to you all comes down to taste. It's a good thing we have a choice, and I do hope you have good taste.

I'm a renaissance sort of guy. I have a fascination with life, and like to do and create lots of different things, and believe that people are inherently good and have unlimited potential (even though frustration and pain may sometimes cause them to stray.)

I'm a big believer in being able to do anything you like, as long as it doesn't harm anyone. I don't think anyone was born to be imprisoned. There's enough restrictions on creativity and what you can and cannot do imposed by the physical universe itself (and the effects of social influence - which are quite powerful), without people stooping so low as to use force to impose their own rules that hold the rest of us back.

I think it would be the best thing in the world to be a sort of role model for kids that is someone more than just cool - someone who's not just fun to be in the moment, but someone worth being in all ways, at all times. I try hard every day to be someone worth being, someone I myself could look up to and can be proud of.

I know that everyone can only share what they have, whether it be a way of looking at or living life, money, how they feel, or whatever.

People who make others miserable are miserable themselves, just like those who are happy 'spill over' and tend to infect others with happiness. And even if you're rich, you might just spill 100 million dollars on a charity or library system here or there, every now and then. And, perhaps even more importantly, people who are ecstatically orgasmic, well they 'spill over' and... well, you know. ;)

I hope to help others to realize that the better they care for themselves, and grow in their own lives, the more they enrich the lives of not just themselves - but of everyone around them.

I believe in personal freedom, capitalism and the free markets. I believe in responsibility to yourself, your family and your neighbors, in that order. I believe you have a moral right to your own life and that earned profit is a virtue.

I believe the only obligations we have are the ones we've explicitly agreed to do. There is no duty. The right kind of work is uplifting and should be done because you WANT to do it. And you have every right to profit handsomely from it.

I believe in the triumph of the individual and the power of an iron will! I believe that when left to their own devices, most people are creative and powerful - we can solve our own problems and build happy lives as long as no one gets in our way and uses force to make us do things we don't want.

I believe in wealth - not the wealth of accumulation, but of selection. To live a life of choice where everything I experience is there because I wanted it that way.

There's a big difference between being "selfish" and "self-centered." It's not "selfish" to realize the importance of yourself, it's just smart. It is only the people who can see themSelves as important, that are able to see other Selves as important. When most people think of selfish, what they really mean is self-centered. Never confuse the two.

I also know, deep down, that things get better all the time, and there's nothing we can really do to stop that. The progression of things like technology (ever faster, more capable computers, etc.) closely mirrors what happens to everything and everyone, you and I, all the time: we get better. We can either do our best to slow this natural process down (like most governments tend to do) or to speed it up - to join it. I've chosen to do the latter, and I'd love for you to come along with me. ;)

6 Key Ideas I Always Promote

1) Competition: you have to have a constant flow of new ideas about every aspect of society, all competing with one another. People must be free to think about every aspect of their lives and how they want to live. Alternatives must be set in front of them and they must be free to choose how they wish to live.

2) Science: understanding the world is the main driver of progress because it allows human beings to flow with the world around them, mold it how they wish, and live in harmony with and dominate the forces around them.

3) A private property owning direct democracy: everyone must have some stake in the action and a say in how things are being run. Home ownership is immensely important. Without private property you have no means by which to sustain your chosen life. Republics have historically devolved into oligarchy, so I am a big supporter of direct democracy where every issue is voted on by everyone (to help keep things public and simple.) Eliminate career politicians and establish 1 year term limits on everything, with no chance to ever serve that office again. Bring back the old Roman office of Tribune, so a truly independent 3rd party can bring suit against those in power. Tie the growth of government to a small 5% fixed percentage of an independently calculated standardized GDP, instead of borrowing forever without any intention of ever paying anything back. Because historically, borrowing has NEVER worked long-term :)

4) Medicine: Diseases and plagues are always ravaging mankind so medicine must be a central focus, being continually improved and researched through science, and made readily available to all citizens so their lives aren't wasted by an early death or some debilitating handicap. And by "made readily available" I do NOT mean given away, for free unless that is the wish of the owner. Each person who invents and creates has ownership of their invention or creation and has a right to set whatever price for it they wish within a marketplace of competing solutions.

5) Consumerism: An unrestricted marketplace (and ONLY that) should determine what society produces. This allows people to enjoy the comforts and joys of their labor, and for factories to produce what people really want, not what a centralized planner THINKS people want.

6) Work ethic: The society must encourage and also reward people for their hard work. A solid work ethic must be placed into the hearts and minds of the people, with an unwavering belief that they can and will build a better world not only for themselves but for their posterity as well. The key to this is doing everything possible to PROTECT and DEFEND the property rights of everyone and to never, ever take anything by force.


P.S. If you're wanting to get in contact with me, simply e-mail my first name at - I can't spell it out for you directly on this page because, well, you know, spam bots and all that :)